Extensive research has shown that it takes a minimum of 10,000+ hours to develop a mastery in any given craft, be it a sport, an artistic endeavor, or any other reasonably demanding undertaking. When it comes to our craft, that of web design, the amount of work put in by the core team here at Networtech has easily surpassed those requisite amount of hours. This is what makes Networtech so unique. Our team is composed mostly of folks who have achieved the highest level of web mastery. And armed with such a crew of web-masters means that we can deliver incredible results and execute with precision the biggest of web design projects. Our service is inimitable.

Responsive Web Design

No longer are your prospective clients accessing your website from just their PCs or laptops. Tablets and smartphones are very quickly becoming the typical web surfer’s device of choice. This means that websites need to be designed in such a way that not only meets the needs of the individual using the big screen of a desktop or laptop computer, but for the small screen of, say, an iPhone as well. Fortunately, you are in good hands. At Networtech, we develop modern websites that have the capacity to adjust in size depending on the dimensions of your user’s screen, ensuring that what can be viewed on a 21 inch computer monitor can also be viewed on the latest smart phone. We assure you that you aren’t going to lose out on potential customers depending on what sort of device they are using to access your website. (…)

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Anyone in need of adding or editing content on their website needs a Content Management System, a powerful online application that allows for the modifying of content from a central interface. Our team of developers employ the newest and most recent CMS solutions – customizing it for your business’s specific needs. We will walk you and your team through how to use your content management system, so that you can edit, update, and/or delete content on your website swiftly and effectively. (…)

E-commerce Website and Shopping Cart

Planning on selling products or services on your site? If yes, we’ve got you covered. Our team will provide for you the safest and most dependable e-commerce solutions, coupled with the necessary sales and inventory tracking tools to help keep you on top of everything. (…)

Custom Web Applications

Have a cutting-edge idea for the next big web application like Facebook or Twitter? If you have not the slightest clue as to how to take your idea and bring to life its finished form, no worries, we’ve got you covered there as well. The experts at Networtech have an extraordinary understanding, both in terms of depth and breadth, of the latest web technologies: technologies used to develop a unique application tailor-made just for your company. (…)

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